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Our Story

Our Story

The goal of the company is to help the school community better manage student workload and wellness and facilitate meaningful discussion based on real data. The product provides insight to all stakeholders

We started the company as we worked with a school in Palo Alto, CA, who needed an Assessment Calendar. They had a policy that no student should have more than 2 tests on any given day, but found it very challenging to implement this policy as they lacked the tools that could provide them the insight and visibility necessary. As we worked with more schools, we expanded our focus around the broader goal of student "workload and wellness". We are encouraged to see that so many schools care deeply about this.

Here is brief summary of Rjenda's solution.

Rjenda is a patent-pending, online software solution that helps schools proactively manage student workload and schedules across their academic and extracurricular activities. With Rjenda, teachers, advisors, deans, and school administrators can identify students with potential workload hot spots early and take action to mitigate workload peaks and the resulting stress. Students and parents can view a personalized planner via the web or mobile device. Rjenda is easy to use and cost-effective to deploy.

Rjenda's unique solution includes -