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Effective Assessment Calendar

Teachers can make a big difference in student workload and stress, particularly with schedules, assessments and homework.

Many schools' assessment calendars, typically recorded by grade level, do not provide insight into each student's workload based on the student's unique schedule of elective classes and activities.

With Rjenda, teachers can view the assessment load of the students in each of their classes and more effectively schedule assessments and adjust to avoid workload peaks for their students.

Teacher Planner with assessment load

Planner 1

Student roster with assessment load

Planner 2

Student calendar

Personalized Online Student Calendar

Homework Tracking

Often, teachers post homework assignments online via teacher web sites or online documents.  Students had to find their classes and collate their assignments each week. This was tedious and time consuming for students, and for parents who wanted to be informed of their children's homework workload. 

With Rjenda teachers, students and parents can manage student workload across their academic and extracurricular activities. They can track homework assignments along with the estimated time it is expected to take.

Teachers enter assignments

New Homework Assignment

Student Planner

Student Planner - Weekly View

Student Workload

Student Planner - Time Demand

Workload Analytics

Rjenda provides several unique analytics for teachers, administrators and advisors to get insight into each student's workload.

Load Analysis

Load Analysis provides the visibility and insight that school administrators and teachers need to see a concise summary of upcoming assessments for students in their class and plan their assessments accordingly.

Load Analysis (Month View)
Load Analysis (Student View)

Spread Analysis

Spread Analysis provides visibility to school administrators, department heads and teachers to better manage the spread and types of assessments across classes.

Spread Analysis

Time Demand Analysis

Time Demand Analysis provides insight into the estimated hours students spend on their homework and extracurricular activities outside of classroom time. This helps highlight "demand spikes" that may cut into sleep and down time, which are essential for student health.

Time Demand Analysis (Month View)
Time Demand Analysis(Student View)

Library & Communication

With Rjenda's Library module, teachers can add their class teaching material (pdf files, powerpoint notes, word documents, etc)  in one convenient place for students to access.

The library consists of folders, which can contain photos, files and URL links. With the URL links, users can share any web content including web pages, videos from YouTube and more.

Students can access the content of all their classes in one place.

Library 1
Library 2
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Rjenda For Your Mobile Device

Rjenda's mobile application is designed for use by teachers, students and parents who are already registered users of Rjenda.com. This application consists of two modules - (1) Planner and (2) Library.

Planner - See the list of your academic and extracurricular activities

Students can see their "To-Do list", which lists all academic and extracurricular activities that the student MUST-Do and MAY-Do on any given day. These activities include assessments, homework assignments and extracurricular activities. They key features include

  • Student's MUST-Do and MAY-Do activities for any given day.
  • Students can (1) mark their homework assignments, or the preparation for their upcoming assessments as “done”, (2) enter the “actual” time it takes them to complete any homework assignment, or the preparation for their upcoming assessments, and (3) enter comments/notes for themselves regarding the assessment/assignment.

Parents can view the activities for each of their children and see which assignments have been marked as completed and how long it took to complete.

Teachers can see the list of all their assessments, assignments and events for any given day.

Teachers can then see the average, minimum and maximum time it has taken the students in their class for any given homework assignment or assessment preparation. They can compare this with the estimated time they entered and make adjustments, or engage in meaningful conversations with their students, as needed.

Library - See the list of all your class documents/resources

Teachers, students and parents can see the list of all their class material (pdf files, powerpoint notes, word documents, URL links etc) in one convenient place. The Library is organized by the Classes/Groups you are a part of. Each of these classes has Folders, and each folder has files or links.

As you know, teachers use Rjenda's Library module on the web to add their class teaching material in one convenient place for students to access.


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